Hilary Hart Yoga Bio

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After decades of running, I always shied away from yoga because of my tight muscles that limited my flexibility. Three years ago, needing a release from the stresses of being a working mom, I found refuge in yoga. I realized that the wonderful thing about yoga is you don’t need ability or flexibility to benefit, only an open mind. I find that my favorite classes to take are the ones that tap deep into ways to not only make my inner self better but help me take that positivity out into the world. I became a yoga teacher to help others find their inner peace and to shine their light out into the world. I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Infinity Yoga in Atlanta, Georgia.

Yoga Training

200hr Yoga Teacher Training, 2017 – Infinity Yoga

My Personal Theory of Therapy

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Individual Therapy
Individual therapy consists of one-on-one meetings between the therapist and client.

Couples & Family Therapy
Therapy to treat relational distress whether it be between couples or within a family unit.

Telemental Health
This therapy uses technology to provide mental health services from a distance.

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga
An intervention for traumatic stress, which incorporates yoga principles and practices.

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