Thanks For Visiting Mind Balance Psychology Center!

The first step–and perhaps the most difficult–is deciding you may need to reach out for help. Once you are ready, you should look for someone you can trust. Someone who will not only listen to what you’re saying but who also hears what you aren’t saying. And most important, you should look for someone with whom you can feel comfortable, a person who cares.

Hi, I am Dr. Tanja Ketisch, Clinical Psychologist. I strive to make you feel safe and comfortable. I strongly believe that to be effective in what I do, there has to be a connection and relationship with my clients.

There are many reasons to reach out for help. Maybe you are feeling down. Your relationship may not be as healthy as you would like. You may be having trouble sleeping. You may feel lonely or you may actually isolate yourself. Perhaps you are eating more or less than usual. You may even have trouble at work or difficulty completing day-to-day chores.

Sometimes life can become confusing and overwhelming, and we may need a little help to get back on track. I hope we can take this journey together!

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